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Meteor Wallet: Your Gateway to NEAR Protocol and DeFi Apps

The wallet upholds different blockchains, computerised tokens, and decentralised finance (defi) applications.

The component allows clients to buy cryptographic forms of money utilising credit and charge cards or Apple Pay. It works with admittance to the Close to convention, a layer-one blockchain that works as a local area run distributed computing stage.

Meteor Wallet is a point of interaction for overseeing computerised tokens and getting to defi benefits and decentralised applications (dApps) on the Close blockchain.

“We are glad to send off fiat-to-crypto entrances on Meteor Wallet. By and by, a main non-custodial wallet in the computerised symbolic space has picked Mercuryo’s entrance arrangements,” Aviessa Khoo, Chief of Mercuryo Singapore, remarked on the combination.

Meteor intends to be the essential wallet for the Close blockchain and is accessible as both a web wallet and a program expansion.

News media revealed Close to Convention’s token flooded 54% in late December, adding to a yearly addition of 175%, with its worth hitting $3.55. The development is credited to an expanded on-chain movement and supported interest regardless of a pullback from financial speculators.

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